OFF Season

Downtime, what will i do? rest up for sure, get my camera gear cleaned, get my images stored and sorted. I’ll do a few shoots for fun later in the months leading up to first comp.

Have a fun break and get learning those new routines for worlds( those going with Bids) those without bids, enjoy, it’s fun after all, well worth all the effort your putting into your sport. Parents, take a well earned break and start saving ready for next season, yes i know this pain.

Catch up soon!!

BCA Champions Challenge

What’s great weekend again, complicated shooting, but rewarding. Probably hardest event to deliver great images at, however I just enjoyed the teams pushing themselves. Just some examples below of the dance side of the event.

ADA in Bournemouth

Angels Dance Academy bristol, my home, weekend with the mrs, taking pics of friends and family on downtime. Future cheer really put on a great event. I didn’t photo any teams accept ADA, it was lovely of Ian at FC to allow me to attend, always grateful being this was my 9th year attending. Event seems to be bigger and better every year.

DARK ANGELS coming 1st in worlds and securing the bid for next year also, when you have a motivated team, choreographer and family anything’s possible.

Seeing Dominions get a bid also, amazing

So much energy

Love to ADA cheerleading xx

A few updated favourites from last Event ❤️❤️

Strike force , I work in Dublin, so how could I not include these ladies, always giving it 100%
strike force T3AL 🙌🤟
I love seeing a lyrical or modern dance with expression around the routine movement. It can really connect you to the dance.
Cheerforce Ten Pom, what a great gym. Loved these guys.

Summer Showdown

Guildford was a lovely event for some great reasons. Seeing parents bursting with pride, gyms supporting their athletes so well, the atmosphere was great, it was a really enjoyable event.

energy, character and very expressive
Mortal combat!!

Guilford – BCA Summer Showdown

BCA Summer Showdown

Getting ourselves down to Guildford Spectrum, for 2 days of fun this weekend.

Looking forwards to Cheer, Dance, Pom and Stunting, some new teams i not seen before, will be a great weekend.

A special shout out to those doing Solo’s and duets, just take a big breath, remember to engage with the judges and the audience, have fun, enjoy your moments in the spot light, show them who you are, what you have learned.

NEWCASTLE Super Classic

What a weekend that was. Tiring but amazing at same time. Great cheer, dance and Pom teams, fighting for those Elusive world Bids, for slots in FLORIDA 2020.

So many great athletes and teams,, for those that won congratulations, for ADA, an amazing night with 3 bids won, OMG, booking US tickets next payday, i’ll Be there at cheer and dance. 14 days in the sun at least xx

Also thanks to all the parents and family’s purchasing the images, without you guys we couldn’t put on the team we have. Some example images below, yes , love Pks energy so she’s no.1.

Cheer Sport Wales 2019

What a great event. Plenty of fun, lovely people, athletes really enjoyed themselves.

Pam and Emma as always made things very easy on the day and as always are very humble while still keeping control. The judges were spot on, controlling as needed and the time keeping went well, the athletes loved being in their Pictures and their routines from Lvl 1 to 5 were great, awards time was stress free also. It was presented very well as always by Kieran Craig, you have a relaxed attitude to announcing and know exactly what to say, getting that dance off extended was epic. Not seen so many wanting to dance 🙂

What i think i appreciated from this event was that there were a lot of first time mums and dads there. I could tell by their excitement and stress they were nervous, as always us parents worry, however the athletes just take it in their stride.

Standout moment :Well there was two:-

  1. Woodlands, not often i get choked proper, seeing those athletes take the stage as a team and in solo with their coaches, well it was just amazing.
  2. .The Support from all the athletes at the awards for Woodlands when Woodlands won was amazing.

P.S Shout out to ADA, having not really seen the cheer teams perform and having time to actually take in and see the performances properly, you have come so far in such a short time. Confidence was massive, your Uni’s look great and bring a cohesion and as i said to Mich and Mychael “Whatever your doing its amazing to see, they look transformed”, Looking forwards to seeing you in Bournemouth xx

SUMMARY:- This is what i love about cheer and dance, its INCLUSIVITY.

I’ll put up so pics as soon as i get a chance.


Cheer Sport Wales is coming, Looking forwards to getting back into the event routine. Then it’s a busy 2 weekends after that in Newcastle and then summer showdown in Guilford, with a showcase after that, busy weekends to come over summer.

Gutted to not attend worlds this year, so booking hotel for next year next month, making sure I am there. 2020 cheer schedules are up, so planning is possible. Quite a lot of drama in worlds this year but I tend to stay away from that, its pointless to have an opinion on something that’s a simple mistake.

Glad ADA Dark Angels got gold in hip hop this year, hard Work and commitment win through every time. Was glad we did well at ICU with England and USASF teams slots the UK did great, cheer in uk is definitely getting better as was seen at Summit.

See you soon at one of the 8 remaining events I will be at this year xx

BCA Telford

What a lovely event, i know they all are, i truly enjoyed this event. I had a nice break and came back with loads of energy and focus to get those all important images with meaning. Had a lot of good images, the lighting was much better this time, only wish it was 1 mat and we had both myself and Alister on the mat covering front and sides.

The day started out well on the friday with me doing my own shots, got some lovely stunting images of MCDA, Huddersfield Giants and of course Cheer Force 10. I’ll add some of these later. All in all did about 30,000 images in the end so got to start culling them down to a cheer list of say 300-500 images i love and save them.

I’ll put some on Social media on my instagram and facebook but lets see how it goes. So will edit this blog later with some images from each of the days.